Resilience Can Be Cultivated

Start with the 1 tool that I teach all my clients to let go of negative thoughts, and emotions and make space for the good things in life.

What is a Resilience Toolkit?

The resilience toolkit is the set of tools that you have to handle life when times get tough.

When there are challenges or stress, how do you cope and survive?

When you know you can survive, how will you make space to begin thriving?

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The One Tool:

Six Step Tapping

This is an acupressure technique that utilizes physical pressure on energy meridians to discharge negative energy. Learn a simple method effective in 99% of applications.


EFT Tapping on PubMed

Is Tapping on Acupuncture Points an Active Ingredient in Emotional Freedom Techniques?

There's More...

In addition to the lesson on Six Step Tapping, I'm including access to the Resilience Toolkit course.

Resilience is so important that I want to make it as easy as possible to build. When you sign up for the email list

Basic Curatorial Principles

These are general principles that can be applied to learning.

Curate The Moments

Simple exercises to anchor positive feelings to daily activities that can switch your mood instantly.


Mindset Mastery Basics PDF

5 basic tips to master your mindset.

Resilience Cheat Sheet PDF

PDF Version of the Resilience Cheat Sheet

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